Ma Maison, a playground for all palettes, set amid decade-old trees and natural surroundings, not to mention the stunning backdrop of the Heritage Home.

Once a culinary institution since 1983, Ma Maison was renowned for French fine-dining where passionate connoisseurs gathered. Today, Ma Maison reopens its doors with our original 85 year old cook, proudly serving NaiLert family's home-cooked recipes that have been appreciated from generation to generation, where many dishes were created by Khunying Sinn (Nai Lert's beloved wife).

The family values the importance of dining, as food brings people together, in many different occasions. The idea behind this dining experience is to create true gastronomic community as part of a Thai culture and lifestyle.


Capacity: 60 guests seated
Operating hours: 11.00 - 14.30 hrs. and 18.00 - 22.00 hrs. daily

For Reservation please call Ma Maison, Tel : +66 2655 4773